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Gumby Armchair D - Prototype

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We have created our debut furniture piece, and its the Gumby Armchair!

Gumby Armchair D | Conzzepp

Gumby Armchair D

by Conzzepp

Designed and Crafted in Wellington, using high quality local materials.

As our valued customer you will be supporting local business within New Zealand.

Named for its organic, rounded aesthetic, fluid like a piece of molten gum.

Gumby will be the immediate stand out furniture piece of your design.

With its three legged frame and unique appearance, Gumby promises to be the talking point of any arrangement.

Approx Dimensions:

600mm w x 790mm h x 600mm d

Approx Seat height:


Conzzepp SKU: conzz10028


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